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We Are Faced With A Massive World Crisis Where The World And Its Natural Animal Inhabitants Are Under Attack.


example:- £25.00 donates 100 trees and safeguards 1000 trees for the future.

If we do not do something TODAY to stop it, more animals will continue to die from deforestation and cruelty caused by logging.

We are already living through the worst ecological disaster this world has seen during humanities existence and we are losing the battle against time.
Earths natural resources are being stripped away leaving the face of the planet scarred from what is happening. For the animals that exist on this earth, it’s their home and they are suffering on a massive scale. Our children and grand children will not be in a position to see the beauty that can still be found on earth and that diversity will be lost forever if we don’t all act on the message that is being shared very clearly.

The world is suffering and every last thing on earth is in danger.

The worldwide deforestation has a major contributing role in the future of how we and the animals can survive. There are animals that are still clinging on to life in corners of the world that are still untouched. Thousands of animals each day are forced to flee their homes into areas where they can not survive… and will die because of it.

Humans cut down over 15 billion trees every year. Nearly all of that loss of forest can never be recovered, destroying the homes of these animals as well.

We all must do more, and it’s such a great loss to the world to lose such great numbers of trees every year. There’s simply not enough planting programs going on in the world.
And humans are clear cutting down forests to cover all of Florida EVERY YEAR!

These are trees animals desperately need to survive. These trees are literally their homes.

These are trees we desperately need for the climate as well.

Trees absorb over 200 tons of CO2 per second!

Animals really need these trees and so do we.

We must act NOW in order to start turning this focus into positive change in restoring the planet rather than the destruction of it.

If we don’t do anything the result will be devastating not for ourselves, but future generations as these animals and all wildlife becomes increasingly put under threat, and so are we also.

Forest the Earth’s mission is simply to work hard in order to stop this.

We fight to stop deforestation and habitat destruction that is killing millions of animals each year and causing some of Earth’s most diverse species to go extinct.

By fighting this habitat loss, we also fight global warming through planting trees that absorb harmful carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases.

We’re fighting to help the Earth do what it does best–grow and sustain animal life.
We work hard with local communities saving already well established forests and trees in areas that are truly needed to support wildlife, people and the climate. Saving and protecting these trees and planting many more in order to build on the loss that has already suffered.
Working on replicating the natural diversity of species in order to replicate the species that are already in areas or have been lost.

For every tree planted we can usually plant a tree and support the well being and protection of 10x that many for future generations every month.
You can select how many trees you can afford and adjust these numbers anytime in the future, or even cancelling- no questions asked.

That means every 30 days, you can join the network of Forest the Earth and save every 100 trees and plant 10 trees more.

We will do the work of planting and conserving them for you.

We will focus on what matters by planting and defending trees while you keep looking after what matters at home.

Together we can make the Earth of tomorrow a brighter, greener, more sustainable place for all of the animals that live in it!

Thanks for helping to do your part!


example:- £25.00 donates 100 trees and safeguards 1000 trees for the future.

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