Mozambique is located on the eastern coast of Africa with 68% of its population living in rural parts of the country. This Eastern African country is home to 20 globally threatened bird species, and over 200 endemic mammal species. With over 45% of the population living beneath the poverty line, the population relies heavily on its natural resources and forests for survival.

Historically home to vast mangrove estuaries and forests, Mozambique’s mangroves have been largely decimated and destroyed.

We are working with local communities and their planting & reforestation teams that gets villagers to restore, replant and protect these precious forest systems.

You can Support the work that’s being done in Mozambique by donating money to plant trees.


Southern tip of Mozambique, in close proximity to Maputo

Mangrove restoration and reforestation

Provide stability against erosion and improve ocean and coral reef health

Mozambique Focus

Tree planting and nurseries in Mozambique with our reforestation project