As well as exacerbating climate change which affects every living creature on the planet, it also strips the landscape of its precious biodiversity and has a negative knock-on effect for any community that has made a home in the forest.
Much of the wildlife in Kenya rely on its natural environment and as a result of loss of habitat many animals in Kenya have found themselves on the endangered list.

Arguably, one of the most dramatic planetary impacts of deforestation, is the loss of habitat for millions of species of flora and fauna. As 70% of our land animals and plants live in forests, many have been simply unable to survive the mass destruction of their home. Far too many now teeter on the edge of extinction; the endangered species list in Kenya includes the African lion, Grevy’s zebra, black rhinoceros, African elephant and the cheetah. But with the newly added giraffe being brought into light having joined this list it brings new urgency to how we really must solve these issues quickly.
Reforestation is a direct action towards bringing nature back into otherwise barren wilds and begins the progress of supporting the wildlife in Kenya.

Much of the deforestation that has taken place in the Coast Province of Kenya in recent years, has been done to make firewood and charcoal, and been used to build hotels for tourists in nearby resorts like Malindi. These villages are able to take control of their surroundings by nurturing the trees not venturing out into areas already impacted. Giving much needed support to the biodiversity of the regions. Education of the necessity of trees around the area has lead to some fantastic reforestation over the years.

Since 2007, this unique project has been working closely with ordinary Kenyan subsistence farmers to find ways to help them grow new food crops that reduce the stress on their forest.

Reforestation in this region is vital, as is better education of forestry management skills if the trees are to survive and improve the ailing health of our planet, the wildlife and ensure the survival of the indigenous communities; we are tackling all of these issues, head on.

You can Support the work that’s being done in Bore Kenya by donating money to plant trees.

Agro Foresty

Supporting farms

Supporting reforestation within communities and their surrounding area.
Kenyan reforestation efforts have proven to be the biggest simple act of rehabilitation for the planet, communities and wildlife alike. It has great reaching positive impacts and is educating locally on the principals of nature also needing taken care of.

Plains And Reforesting

Supporting Reforestation

Characterized by flat sparse land and dense forest

We get to work with local villagers and community leaders to restore previously forested land in the region

Kenya Focus

Tree planting and nurseries in Kenya supporting the local communities and reforesting areas that have been lost for generations