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We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. And we want you to use our planting programs and feel your measure of tree planting success is done with excellent faith. That’s why we work hard at looking after our customers because they put their faith in us and we have to repay that faith. 
Here you’ll find many questions you need answered and some you didn’t. 


We pride ourselves on an outstanding service and we are here for you, so keep in touch. Please feel free to reach out to us on any one of our social media accounts as well.


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All orders are mailed labelled with a return address please contact us below for any inquiries regarding exchanges/returns. Please include your order number in all inquiries.

We are committed to providing quality service. If there is an issue with your order please contact within 7 days of receiving your order. We accept returns/exchanges If we made a mistake and you receive the wrong item, size, damaged, or misprinted shirt. We will be happy to replace this for you at no additional charge. We do not offer refunds only store credit and/or replacements.

But of course please reach out to us in any circumstance.


We are a UK based small company working on being bigger for bigger choices, having a bigger network of support and bigger forests. But for now, we are still only based in the UK.

We are a UK based small company working on being bigger for bigger choices, having a bigger network of support and bigger forests. But for now, we are still only based in the UK.

At present we can pay out approx (world currency) anywhere from $.10 per tree to $1.50
We are restricted in paying anything more.

Yes, and no. We partner with planting programs that are established and traceable. These programs, which are also poor communities that rely on their programs’ success in order to bring income into the villages families need to be recorded, which we rely on for our success. Our task is to ensure money that is entrusted is spent accordingly and we have criteria that guarantees this for Forest the Earth. Where every tree is counted.
Once this is met we are then able to release funds to plant trees from the work within our community. We consider this process our planting programs.

Our interest is in trees and making an impact for good in the world. We will as we progress record our trees periodically for our customers and community. We want you to know that our process is water tight, and we know we rely on our community to make the impact we all want to achieve.
For that reason, we will report our tree quantities on our website and where your money and interests go.

We are always keen to work within new areas around the world. But as we promise numbers of trees and have to ensure these targets are reached some areas of the world become impossible for us to work within. So we have to be selective, but price is our biggest restraint.

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Unfortunately not. We are able to share some great coupons at times that are awesome for discounts, we need some sort of control to stop a slip up.
We could end up paying our customers to buy a shirt!  *ouch*

Due to our print process we can take up to 5 days to send out. Then we rely on the postal service.

If you receive the wrong item please contact us within 5 days of the delivery date and we will get the correct shirt shipped free of charge.

If you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact us as soon as you can, we would be happy to resolve the issue for you free of charge.