We aren't just an online ethical clothing brand.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Why Forest the Earth Became The Organic Clothing Brand in the UK

As far as ethical clothing brands in the UK go, there’s some nice ones we can all get behind but there’s one that stands out from the crowd. 
An organic clothing UK brand.

That cares about sustainability?
We got you. 
Organic cotton clothing, that’s also supportive of farming methods done in a natural setting that pays fair wages..?
We got you there too. 

All of our workers throughout the process are paid a fair wage.
The carbon footprint of any of your most eco friendly t shirts must have some draw backs. We pride ourselves on working through all these issues too. If you want an eco t shirt, made from organic cotton clothing there’s few places that really hit home so well. 
But of course, we are Forest the Earth, and we are making an impact which leaves us to the real reason we ever started this journey in the first place. 
The real climate change t shirt answer isn’t just eco friendly, sustainable, fair wage organic clothing. Our plant a tree gift UK is fully underway with Forest the Earth not by gifting a tree, but with every item 12 trees are the path to planting 20 million trees. 
Forest the Earth has pledged to plant 20 million trees all with our sustainable organic cotton clothing.

Reforestation Action

To provide a way for everyone to massively impact the world through reforestation of trees without disrupting normal routines. Every time someone chooses to purchase something through Forest the Earth it provides the funds to reforest trees in areas of extreme poverty and biodiversity hot spots.

With the help and support of everyone that is with us planting trees we will endeavour to get as many trees in this fragile sacred earth. This is such an important thing to us and and we know with the backing of enough people we will make such a huge positive impact that we intend to last for many generations to come.

Our Promise

  1. Every tree counts and this is why we are a completely transparent tree planting system. All tree projects are kept accountable to confirm the trees are planted.
  2. Invest in local projects as well as those abroad to benefit your customers immediate as well as the global environment.
  3. To research and develop practices to make positive impact easier and more cost effective.
  4. To involve local communities with the projects to ensure pride & protection of trees.
  5. Grow native indigenous species of trees and re-wild with only native species of animals.
  6. Invest in solutions and push for positive change with the core values of trees being the central focus at all times.
  7. We will use our status to support others helping local environments and push for natural alternatives whenever we can.
  8. Protect, defend and conserve a healthy and natural earth with respect for all life equally.

“We should be more than just a company. We are working on something bigger than ourselves. Planting trees is the answer and just the beginning.”


Forest the Earth

By us focusing on raising funds, spreading awareness and establishing our own planting sites around the world we facilitate our friends of Forest the Earth to become heroes in their own stories by sponsoring these sites including these planting projects massive biodiversity impact.

By supporting Forest the Earth you not only directly fund the conservation and planting of trees through us, you also support countless other organisations.

What You Can Expect

  • Millions of trees planted using our network of planting teams that are around the world
  • Thousands of working days created for forest communities
  • Support for forest animal sanctuaries and re-wilding of endangered animals.
  • Fastest growing UK social enterprise
  • Environmental award winners
  • Education for forest communities on how to protect, defend and conserve the forests.
  • A promise we will stand by for many years to come
Orangutan Reforestation Conservation